February 27, 2011

My Points

I just sent away for a free $25 gift card from MyPoints! I haven't posted about MyPoints in a long time and thought I'd share again just in case some of you haven't heard about it!

MyPoints is a rewards program that gives you points for reading e-mails, shopping, taking surveys, and various other activities. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a gift cards. To join, just visit MyPoints and complete the registration process. Membership is free.

Ways to Earn Points:
  • Sign up for BonusMail and earn 5 points per emailed clicked.
  • Shop Online. Access shopping websites through MyPoints.
  • Survey Mail. Usually 10 points if you don't qualify and more if you do.
  • Print coupons. 10 points per coupon used plus 25 points if you use five or more.
  • MyPoints search toolbar. Earn points each time you domy a web search.
  • Refer friends.
  • Double points days, instant win games, and other promotions.
Redeeming Your Points:
Under the "rewards" you can view all the available gift cards. When you have enough points for your a reward, click on it and fill out your shipping information. You will receive your gift card in the mail in two to six weeks.

Use MyPoints to Save Money:
Free gift cards are a great deal, but you can make them an even better deal. Use your MyPoints earnings to:
  • get CVS and Walgreens gift cards (I haven't paid anything out of pocket at CVS since March 2008 thanks to gift cards!)
  • give gift cards as gifts
  • lower everyday expenses like gas
  • give yourself a guilt free treat
  • lower the cost of a date night
Some stores that offer MyPoints gift cards include: Target, Wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Kohl's, Shell, Amazon, and lots more!


TheBargainSleuth said...

Once again you beat me to the punch--I've been tinkering with a MyPoints post for about six months. :-) I've been a member since 2000 and have earned more thatn 500,00 points. I used to get Target gift cards but now I use my points for Amazon gift cards; just redeemed for a $50 gc this week!

Shelly said...

The only reason I thought to post about it is I just ordered a gift card today!

You have me beat though... I didn't join until 2007 and have only earned about 40,000 points.

I am glad they finally got Amazon gift cards as choice. That is almost always my first choice... although today I chose a gas card. :)

Wendy Jung said...

Ok - how do you earn 40,000 points??? Do tell!

Shelly said...

Wendy, I just keep clicking away at those daily Bonus Mails! A few times I have gone through MyPoints when ordering online too, not often but it was usually big ticket items (like our Mac).