March 7, 2011

Green Bay Press Gazette for $1

Several people have emailed me recently to inform me that Dollar Tree stores are no longer selling the Green Bay Press Gazette for $1. I know many of you got your paper(s) there each week and were not happy about this change. I have heard of at least two places where you can still get the paper for $1. The good news is since these places are on opposite sides of town there is probably one not too far out of the way for you!

Another coupon shopper I talked to for a bit at CVS told me you can still get the GBPG for $1 at Uncle Buck's Dollar Store (1390 Bellevue St # 100) in Green Bay. I have never shopped there, so if any of you can confirm this... let me know.

GB Savers reader Tracy also emailed me to let me know that she sells the GBPG for $1 at her store Tracy's Groceries 832 S. Military Ave (Sunday hours 10am and 6:00pm). If you can't make it in on Sunday, give her a call at 920-498-096 and she will save copies for you!


Kris K said...

Uncle Buck's was selling the Sunday paper for $1 a couple of weeks ago...

Shelly said...

Thanks Kris! Hope they still are!