July 27, 2011

Piggly Wiggly Produce Sale 7/28 and 7/29 ONLY

One of my boys meets the fruit at the Pig :)
ALL locations will have a bouncehouse for the kids & Mr. Pig will be there from 11:00-1:00 and 2:00-6:00.

Here are the published deals from Olsen's Piggly Wiggly. I haven't been able to get a list of what's available at Larry's Piggly Wiggly, but it could very well be the same items and prices. I'll update when I know for sure. UPDATE: Got the flyer from Larry's the sale items and prices are indeed the same at both locations.

Large & Sweet Washington Bing Cherries- $1.99/lb
California Raspberries- 2/$4.00- 6 oz.
Large Sweet & Golden Pineapple- 2/$4.00
Ready to Eat California Peaches- $.99/lb
Premium Juicy Strawberries- 2/$4.00
Sugar Sweet California Cantaloupe- 2/$4.00
Sweet & Plump Blueberries- 2/$5.00- pint
Locally Grown Sweet Corn- $3.99- dozen
Fresh & Snappy Green Beans- $.79/lb
Yellow or Zucchini Squash- $.89/lb
Beefsteak & Roma Tomatoes- $.99/lb
Fresh Green Asparagus- $2.99/lb
Fresh Slicing Cucumbers- 2/$.78
Sweet Vidalia Onions- $.69/lb
Wisconsin Russet Potatoes- $1.99- 5 lb. bag
Jumbo Sweet Honeydew Melon- 2/$5.00
California Blackberries- 2/$4.00- 6 oz.
Large Seedless Red Grapes- $1.59/lb
Large Seedless Green Grapes- $1.59/lb
Kiwi Fruit- 3/$.99
Ready to Eat California Nectarines- $1.49/lb
Ready to Eat California Black Plums- $1.49/lb
Crisp Granny Smith Apples- $.99/lb
Fresh Lemons & Limes- 3/$.99
Sweet Tropical Mangoes- 2/$1.00
Winter Hardy Rudbeckia Daisies- 2/$11.00 or $6.00 each

Not sure why this included in the produce sale but they also have...
Orv's Tasty Toppings Pizza- 5/$10.00 or $22.00 for a case of 12!

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