May 25, 2010

8 Phony Bargains

Ran across an article this morning about 8 "Phony" Bargains. I found it interesting. They list the following and then tell you a better way to save.

  1. Unlimited Long Distance--I agree, but they didn't mention my favorite solution to this problem... FREE long distance from Google Voice!
  2. Frequent-Flier Rewards Cards
  3. Checking Accounts That Pay Interest--this is one of the ones I don't necessarily agree with but you do have to "shop around". We have a checking account from Harbor Credit Union, that pays a great interest rate (much better than Associated). I am a firm believer in making your money work for you! You're working hard to save it, so make it work hard for you in interest. You can get $50 when open a "Go Green" checking account from Harbor Credit Union with a referral (email me for more info if you are interested).
  4. Overdraft Protection
  5. Extended-Warranty Protection
  6. Going-Out-of-Business Sales
  7. Paying for a Credit Report
  8. Fraud Alerts
Can you think of any other "deals" that aren't really bargains?

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