May 21, 2010

Heads Up... Kraft Rebate

Looks like several Kraft items will be on sale at Festival next week (look for my post on Sunday or Monday). It will be a good week to buy some items for the Kraft rebate that came with the sample packs! (Don't forget you can price match at Target or Wal-mart as well.)

The rebate is good for $10 back on $30 in Kraft purchases. Combined with sales and coupons this could get you some great deals. The rebate purchase dates are 5/23 through 6/13. Apparently you don't have to buy everything on one receipt which is nice and gives you the chance to shop around.


Vivian said...

There are lots of super Kraft sales at Piggly Wiggly this week - picked up a flier tonight and the first page is full of deals with needed coupons on the back. You may want to grab a few ads asap so they don't run out - as they sometimes do when there are good coupons in them.

Shelly said...

Oh my! You aren't kidding!

The online ad doesn't show the coupons... are they store coupons or manufacturers? If they are store coupons this could be VERY good!

Vivian said...

As they say "PIggly Wiggly" on them? the top reads "redeemable at Piggly Wiggly" but the fine print says "retailer: mail to kraft foods" I would think that means manufacturer?

Shelly said...

I got a hold of the ad today. I'm pretty sure they are store coupons so you should be able to combine them with MCs!! Should make for a few good deals... I hope to get my post up tomorrow. Ran out of time tonight.