May 22, 2010

Saturday Video

This week in my stockpiling post I mentioned my favorite money saving book of all time: The Complete Tightwad Gazette. If you aren't familiar with Amy Dacyczyn she wrote a money saving newsletter in the 1990's. Long before blogs she was sending money saving tips the good old fashioned way... through the mail!

The Complete Tightwad Gazette book is an anthology of all her newsletters. Some parts are now outdated (computers weren't yet a household necessity) but it is definitely worth reading. The book is full of tips on saving money, but more than that it helps you to start thinking about the frugal way to do things. One of the big reasons we waste money is because we don't think, we just do things the way we always have (or the way our parents did).

Below is a fairly recent interview with Amy that I really enjoyed. If you only take two things away from the video it should be: Little things adds up and it's NEVER too late to start!

Have you ever read the Tightwad Gazette?

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