May 2, 2010

What is Swagbucks?

So, what is Swagbucks? No, it's not a scam. No, there's no catch. And, yes, it really does work! You can earn gift cards and prizes for just doing what you normally do... searching the internet. There are, of course, other ways to earn bucks but the easiest is to use Swagbucks as your search engine.

As you search you will be randomly awarded Swagbucks. You can then take the Swagbucks you earn and buy yourself something from The Swag Store. There are all sorts of fun gift cards and prizes. I have already earned a couple rewards. I chose the $5 Amazon gift certificate but you could get gift cards to lots of other stores like Starbucks, iTunes, or Target.

It's fun and it's free! Check it out!


Jon said... how easy is it to accumulate Swagbucks? How long did it take you to get enough to buy your Amazon gift cards? I have seen swagbuck offers for items like ipods. Can you really get an ipod, or would it take years of websurfing before you had enough to get something of real value?

Shelly said...

It is pretty easy especially if you download the toolbar. They say it doesn't increase your chances by searching more often... just use Swagbucks as you would your normal search engine.

It didn't take me long at all to buy the Amazon gift cards. I'll have to go back an see if it shows the date I joined somewhere. Now, to get enough for an iPod would take quite awhile.

If you can refer others you will get Swagbucks a lot faster. Some of the big bloggers said they paid for Christmas with Swagbucks Amazon gift cards last year. I don't think I'll get to that point but every little bit helps!

I'll take a free $5 here and there especially when it's so easy!