June 19, 2010

Continuing Education Saturday Video

This mom feeds her family for $4 a week. Crazy! She also has a beautifully organized stockpile! Now I know it's a bit unrealistic for those of us in the GB area to do this because of our local store policies, but there are still some helpful hints in the video and it sure is fun to see!


Wendy Jung said...

Whenever I see things like this I start to covet! :) Oh to have a store that doubled ALL coupons ALL the time. :)

Shelly said...

If I wasn't so busy already I'd start one myself Wendy!! :)

Theresa Neuser said...

Wow, even I was amazed that her shopping order was reduced to 1 cent. That's incredible. Oh, if only we had stores that doubled coupons all the time. That would be so nice.