June 9, 2010

Erica's Copps Run

Stuck to the list almost exactly! The only change was to add blueberries to my second transaction. Forgot that the $2 off coupon was for produce only, so I used it to get the blueberries for $0.50. My final total ended up being less than anticipated as I stuck to some of the cheaper cereals and some other prices were different than what was listed. Here's the final result:

Transaction #1: Total = $18.81, saving $41.26 (67%)

Transaction #2: Total = $24.43, saving $45.16 (65%)

Overall total = $43.24, saving $86.42 (66%)


Wendy Jung said...

It was a great day at Copps! Way to go Erica!

Here's a link to how I fared:


Vivian said...

Oh my goodness Wendy - you Copp's girls are amazing!!!! You saved $120 - gotta love that :) I need cereal - maybe I'll force myself to go there on Saturday, can't remember the last time I shopped there. So Wendy, do you go in the store, shop, take it to the car, then go back two more times? I'm curious how all of you do these "double and triple" transactions - please explain!

Theresa Neuser said...

Vivian - I do both transactions at the same time when I do it. I put the first one on the belt, separate it with the bar and then put the second order up there. I've never had any issues with doing it that way.