June 30, 2010

Extra Deals at Walgreens

I stopped by Walgreens today to do some shopping and discovered and EXTRA DEAL SHEET on the rack by the door - it starts today and goes through July 3rd. I just thought I'd mention it but I don't know how to link coupons, etc to it.

I got a 2 pack of Oral B toothbrushes for FREE with RR

Other RR deals include:
Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rincse
Brut or Sure deoderant
Celsius Green Tea
Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets
Prell Shampoo
Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Razors
Men's Zone 6 blade Razor System
Natural Instincts for Men Hair Color
Pepsi 12 packs
Align digestive Care

Weekly coupons for:
Utility Lighter .99
Reynolds Wrap .89
Bleach .99
Nips .79
Aloe Vera 6 oz .99
Sinful Colors Nail Color .99
Dove/Degree 1.99
Vo5 shampoo/conditioner .69
Advil $4 off

ALSO: While I was there I picked up these Walgreen's Water Bottles for .49 - that have 4 other items inside - a weekly pill container, tissue pack, hand lotion and a 4 pack of crayons. For those of you who do boxes for Operation Christmas Child, I picked these up for each of our boxes, emptied out the pill container and lotion and we will fill it with candy. This hard plastic keeps the candy fresh and away from soap smells from other toiletries.

Hope that helps someone! Vivian

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Jill said...

Good luck getting these products. My WAGS was out of everything I wanted except 1 thing-which I took the last pack of toothbrushes. Sad because many of the items just started their sale prices today! I am definately calling to find out why they offer these great deals and then don't order enough products to keep up!...and now my rant is done!