June 14, 2010

Free Food Coupons

Keep your eye out for freebies on Facebook or Freebies4Mom and soon you'll have a stack of these completely free item coupons in your mailbox! No complicated deals here... just FREE food!

I like to take mine to Copps where they help "pad" my order. This gets me to $25 while lowering my out of pocket costs! The full item price is included in my total yet the coupon takes it all back off.


Anonymous said...

Where do you find all your FREE food coupons?

Shelly said...

Occasionally they are in the Sunday paper but most come in the mail. You can sign up to receive them on Facebook or through company promo pages. I recommend you read the Freebies4Mom site... she tells you about all the greatest freebies... including free item coupons!