June 30, 2010

Erica's Copps Run

Had a great Copps run today. I did two transactions totaling $26.53, saving $49.80 (65%). Here's how it broke down...

Transaction #1

  • 2 Roundy's buns, BOGO = 2/$1.05
  • Krunchers & Grande chips, 2/$6 - (2) $1 MC's (doubled) = $1 each
  • 2 Jello Pudding, 0.66 each - BOGO MC = 0.33 each
  • Kingsford charcoal, 5.98 - $1 IP (doubled) = 3.98
  • 2 milk, 2.29 each
  • 2 Deans dips, 1.25 each - $1/2 MC (doubled) = 0.25 each
  • Kraft singles, 0.98 w/ in ad coupon
  • 2 OM hot dogs, 1.28 each w/ in ad coupon - $1/2 MC (doubled) = 0.28 each
  • Total = $13.48, saving $21.79

Transaction #2:

  • Popsicles, 0.87 w/ in ad coupon
  • Kingsford charcoal, 5.98 - $1 IP (doubled) = 3.98
  • OM Deli Creations, 2/$4 - (2) $1 IP's (doubled) = 2 FREE
  • Nexcare tape & bandages, $1.88 each - (2) $1 MC's = 0.88 each
  • 2 cucumbers, $1
  • Strawberries, 1.50
  • blueberries, 1.50
  • MM lemonade, $1
  • 2 activia, 2/$4 - (2) $1 IP's (doubled) = 2 FREE
  • Reddi Whip, $2 - $1 MC = $1
  • Total = $13.05, saving $28.01


Shelly said...

I just got back from Copps (Roz watched the boys for me!!!). I did two transactions and spent $39.49, saved $65.32 (according to the rcpt). Got a cart load of stuff... including several things I really NEEDED!.

Irritated because I didn't notice one coupon didn't scan so I missed out on that $2.

And sad the cashier didn't give me overage for my milk and egg coupons.

Better sale this week... wish it would have been double double days this week instead.

ericah78 said...

Nice job! Bummer about the coupon though. Just another reminder that we really need to watch the cashiers scan our coupons. Hate when that happens! I did get overage last week. She just scanned mine and took the full amount. I heard a lot of people didn't get that overage though, so maybe I just had a lazy cashier. ;-) There are a lot of really good sale items this week. We just ran out of charcoal for the grill, so hubby was happy about that deal!

Vivs6kids said...

So - I am tired of feeling quilty for never getting to Copps on these double daze so I copy off the list just before heading out the door to soccer (7pm games, 2 sides of town) ran back and forth and left Andrew's game at 8:45pm. Arrived at Copp's ahead of 9pm and looked for coupons while sitting in the front seat of my van - under the parking lights - with 4 children waiting on me. You can see these are less than ideal conditions.

I begin my shopping - I haven't shopped there in years - not really knowing where anything is at and working hard to find the things on the list. I started with Nexcare bandages but they were all gone. Did the 8/$20 deal - had $3 in coupons, doubled was $6 -- BUT I GOT NO MILK COUPONS!!!!!! Are they separate sheets of paper? Nothing was attached to my receipt. They were our of the brats but I got the last two cool whips, hot dogs, cheese, yogurt, waffles, etc.

Then as I had her my pile of coupons she says "you can only pick 5 to double" - that's when I think to myself - Oh yeah, this is when I was supposed to split up my order but it was too late. So I got 5 - $1.00 coupons doubled and .60 cents worth went undoubled.

My receipt says I paid $25.82 and saved $31.60.

Live and Learn - and wonder what happened with the milk....

Shelly said...

Vivian, I did the Kellogg's deal and thought I didn't get my coupon either. I went back to the service desk and asked about it. It was at the end of my receipt but it didn't even look like a coupon. It's just a bar code with fine print.

The woman said if the store offers the deal that is how they print out (as opposed to if the manufacturer offers the deal which prints a catalina). My guess is they make them blend in so people don't notice them or use them. :)