January 5, 2011

Bad News from Festival

Bad news from Festival (via their Facebook wall) this morning:

"I wanted to give everyone a heads up that the Money Board coupon machines have been removed from all of our stores. The vendor and owner of our Money Board coupon dispenser has decided to cease operations. Thank you!"

I'm hoping Festival comes up with a new way to help us save as the Money Board was one way they helped us to "double" our savings. Come on Festival... here's your chance... let's try double coupons! :)

Be sure to read the comments on this post! Then maybe take a minute and tell Festival what would make you a happy customer.


Candi said...

Let's all leave comments on the facebook page, twitter, email, etc requesting the they start doubling coupons. On their facebook page they did say that they are exploring other avenues to save their guests money...

Shelly said...

I left a comment on their Facebook post about this. I have emailed Festival about double coupons in the past and it's always the same story... we would have to increase our prices if we doubled coupons. I don't believe it for a second! :)

When I lived in AZ almost ALL the stores doubled coupons up to (not including) $1 and they did not have higher prices.

Maybe I think this because I married a man with a degree in economics... but COMPETITION is good! The only reason stores around here don't offer double coupons is because they don't have to... there is no competition.

Festival needs to keep in mind the extra revenue they'd get from people who would be shopping there to take advantage of a double coupon. Not to mention if they only doubled up to $1... we're talking about 50 cents at the most and, UNFORTUNATELY, most people don't use coupons.

Festival also tried to say that MOST manufacturer's prohibit doubling... which is just NOT TRUE. A handful don't (ahem, Conagra) and I don't have warm fuzzies towards them. :)

If it didn't work then stores in other areas of the country wouldn't do it or would go out of business.