January 20, 2011

Cetirizine (Zyrtec) Deal at CVS

If any of you out there are allergy sufferers like me and rely on Zyrtec to control your symptoms, I stumbled on a good deal at CVS today. The coupon machine printed a $2 CVS Cetirizine coupon and when I went to the shelf, they had the 30 ct. package on sale for $13.99, which is decent in itself, but they were well stocked w/ 100% more FREE bottles, so you get 60/bottle! Also, there is an ECB ($1) printing for these, which I didn't even know about. So, when all is said & done you can get 60ct. for $10.99 after coupon and ECB's. This was at the Howard location on Velp.
NOTE: Watch the register! This did ring up incorrectly for me. The computer recognized it as a 60ct. bottle and rang up at $17.99, instead of the 30ct. price of $13.99, but the cashier was happy to fix it!

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Anonymous said...

The Dollar Tree also carries cetirizine 10mg tablets, $1 for 14 tablets. This comes to about $2/month. I have been using it for several months and cannot tell the difference. Hope it helps!