January 20, 2011

Copps/Pick N' Save/Rainbow Coupon Match Ups

Hi Ladies,
Jill just emailed me asking about MinnesotaCouponAdventure's Copps list as it wasn't posted yet this week, so I wanted to give you all an update. Karen at MCA recently moved to a brand new site called Creative Couponing. http://creativecouponing.com/ Be sure to bookmark her new site so you can keep up w/ the deals at Copps/Pick N' Save/Rainbow. I apologize for not posting lists here any more. When school started, my schedule got a LOT busier and I just don't have time these days. But, I still rely on Karen to provide me with those great deal match ups each week. She seems to be branching out a lot more w/ her new site, so it makes for another great all-around money saving resource. Happy shopping Savers!!


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Anonymous said...

Could someone maybe just put up a list of the best Copps highlights? That was really helpful!