January 18, 2011

Speak Up!

I want you to feel free to leave comments on (or email me about) any GB Savers post. Please speak up if you have a question, deal suggestion, or just want to say hello. Many times a reader finds a great deal or coupon that I missed and I'm always happy to add it to the post! I've said it before... working together we can save a lot more!

I have comments open to everyone (meaning you do NOT have to have an account of any kind to leave a comment). I think all readers, even those without a blog or special account, should be able to leave comments.

At this time I do not moderate comments. Which means that your comment will appear right after you submit it. This also means that I usually won't see your comment until I check my email. I do get an email when someone leaves a comment and if a question is asked I do try and answer it. You can choose to receive comment notification as well if you want to be notified when someone else comments after you (only available for Google accounts) or you can just come back and check for follow up comments later.

Everyone knows how to comment on Facebook-- unfortunately FB doesn't notify me when you comment there, so sorry if you ever felt ignored-- but it has come to my attention that some of you may not know how to leave a comment here on the blog. Here is a little tutorial for you. It's really easy!

At the bottom of every post, look for this (the number changes depending on the number of comments) and then click on it:
It will open a page that includes a box like this:
Just type what you want to say in the box. Under the orange words "Choose an identity", pick one of the four options. If you have a Google account you can use the first option. If you have an Open ID account choose the second option. You can also just pick the Name/URL option and put your name or nickname in the "name" space (filling the URL box is optional). If you wish to remain anonymous just click the last option.

If you have a Google account, you can choose to be notified of follow up comments by marking the box below "Google Account" that says "Email follow up comments to ____@gmail.com".

Right now I have word verification on (so you have to type in a squiggly word) to prove you are not a spam bot. I know it's a pain and adds an additional step; however, most spam comments have similar content to email spam and include links to very offensive content.

The last step is to hit the orange "Publish Your Comment" button and your comment will be visible right away.

See.. it really is super easy! So feel free to speak up and leave a comment!


Unknown said...

Hi! I have been couponing in Oklahoma City for 2 years now-- I have a friend in La Crosse who is very interested in couponing but cannot find any local resources. Would you know of any coupon match-up websites or blogs that would provide information for the La Crosse area?

thanks so much!

Shelly said...

Sorry, I am not aware of any La Crosse area deal bloggers. The best bet would be to do a google search for the stores in that area and see what pops up.