June 19, 2011

Best Grocery Prices in Town

My frugal friend Jennifer just published a few posts you might want to read over on her blog called Green Bay Consumer.  She decided to find out the answer to a question every frugal shopper in our area has asked: Which store really has the best prices? Armed with a list of most commonly purchased items she stopped at several stores to compare their every day prices.

In the first part she shares the results of her experiment. Which may or may not surprise you depending on where you shop! In the second part she shares some further helpful observations about the various stores.

Just remember to get THE best prices you should shop the sales at various stores around town and then pick a good, low-cost every day price store to fill in the rest of the items you need. Shopping at only one store (even if they have low everyday prices) will probably not get your grocery bill as low as it could be. Remember, even low price stores have a goal (to make money) and your goal is the opposite (to keep it!). We're at war, especially now with pricing increasing, and you're on the front lines!

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