June 28, 2011

Deal Post Q & A

What do those letter mean? If you are new to blogs and coupon deals you might be wondering what some of the abbreviations used in the posts mean. Here is a list of some of the abbreviations you might see on this blog or others. The abbreviations I use most often are SS, RP, and P&G. You will see these letters in combination with a date, for example: 6/26/11 SS. This just means the coupon I mentioned can be found in the Smart Source insert from the 6/26/11 newspaper. RP stands for Red Plum insert and P&G stands for Proctor and Gamble insert. These are the coupon inserts you'll find in your Sunday paper.

Why do you list the coupons like that? Because, personally, I don't clip every coupon. I only clip the coupons I know I will use and then save the inserts just in case I run across a deal later. If I need to go clip a coupon later I use this information to find it. You can read more about how I organize my coupons here.

Why can't I find the coupon in my insert? Coupons are regional and I use a national database to search for coupon matchups. So some coupons I mention may not have been in our paper. Why do I bother mentioning them? Lots of coupon shoppers (including myself) get papers from larger metro areas or order coupon inserts online in order to get the best coupons so they will have those coupons available.
How do I get printable coupons? When you see the word "printable" highlighted (or a different color) in a deal post you can click on that word and it will take you to a printable coupon. If you haven't already, you will need to download the coupon printer program. A message will pop up the first time you want to print a coupon, just follow the instructions to install the program. Most coupon printing software allows you to print two of each coupon. Once you reach the limit you will not be able to print any more unless the coupon is "reset". If you are having trouble with your coupon printer try a different internet browser (switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox or vice versa).

The printable coupon you linked isn't there! That drives me crazy too! Sometimes a company puts a limit to the number of coupons they will allow to be printed and it's first come first served. Sometimes you've reached your print limit for that coupon already so it "disappears" from your list but is still available to others. So, unfortunately, it is possible you will run across some that are no longer available.

How do I get more than two printable coupons? If you have more than one computer in your house you are in luck! You can print two per computer. If you don't have two computers you can always ask a friend or family member to print a great coupon for you. Please NEVER photo copy a coupon. That is coupon fraud. Fraudulent coupon use only causes manufacturers and stores to get more strict in what coupons they offer and accept.

Have any other questions? Let me know!

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