June 29, 2011

Festival Trip

I printed out my Festival Deals post and got together a pile of coupons to send my wonderful husband to the store for me. He did a great job! Not the best picture to share, some the items are hidden in the back... I was in a hurry because of the melting freezer stuff and I completely forgot to get the Suddenly Salad (there were 6) out of the bag.

Total Before Sales and Coupons = $131.17
Total After = $58.03
55% savings

You'll notice some special treats (aka junk food) for the kids. We don't get Little Debbie snacks or candy bars very often so the kids were pretty excited when they peeked into the bags. We have a pretty full freezer and pantry so this week we just shopped the sales. Since we already have menu planned for this week, most of these items will be made into future meals.

While out shopping an Aldi stop was made as well. That cart was mostly full of produce and gallons of milk. Aldi has strawberries for $.99 per pound, cantaloupe for $.99, and blueberries for $1.29 this week!

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