December 17, 2010

More Free Excedrin!

Hope you've been signing up for all these free Excedrin offers! Here is another one... there is no direct link to the form so click here to go to then click on "Health Care" in the left side bar. Look for the TWO "free" Excedrin offers and click on them to bring up the form to fill out. Your coupon will then be mailed to you.

Thanks Common Sense with Money!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly,

I keep seeing "Offer Limit Reached" on both FF & IE. I have never tried for that offer yet.

Kris K

Shelly said...

Kris, I have no clue why isn't not working. Maybe clear your cookies? Were you able to get even one? I heard some people were only able to sign up for one although I was able to sign up for both. Mine says "Offer Limit Reached" but that's because I got them.

I guess it's possible they are now out of the coupons but in that case you'd think the offer would disappear. Is there another computer you can try?

I'm stumped. :)