December 22, 2010

Target Deals

Please Welcome the newest GB Saver Jen! She will be sharing Target deals!!

Hello Fellow GBSavers!
Can I confess something? I am a Target FANATIC! When I was working full-time my place of employment shared a parking lot with Target. Let me just say that my lunch hours got very expensive! When I quit my job to stay home with my son I thought my days of shopping at Target were over (sniff). But I'm happy to say that they're not! There are many deals to be had at Target and I hope to share them with you in my weekly posts.

Here they are for this week:
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta is $1.12/box-$1 off 2 boxes was available here, I don't see it any more, hope you got it while it was there
Barilla Plus Pasta is on sale for $1.84/box-if you still have the BOGO coupons from Vocalpoint this i a good deal (they expire at the end of the month so use them up!)
Vaseline Intensive Healing lotion is $2.99- $1 off 1 coupon here, stack with $1.50 off 1 Target coupon here- final cost $0.49!!
Cool Whip is on sale for $0.99-Target coupon for 0.50 off 2 here, stack with $1 off 2 coupon available last week
Ponds Facial Cleansing Cloths- $1.50 off 1 coupon here, stack with $1.50 off 1 Target coupon here

Merry Christmas!

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