April 5, 2010

All You Magazine for $20 for 24 issues

I just found this site that has the All You Magazine for $0.83 per issue. Normally in the stores, they sell for over $2 per issue. Sometimes you can subscribe for $1.67 an issue.

If you aren't familiar with this magazine, I would suggest you check it out. Every issues has at least $20 worth of coupons, most times over $30 in it for products you use. Also, many of them will have coupons for a free item.

This is also great magazine to read for its recipes, money saving tips, etc.

This is a fundraiser for a school, but here is the link.


ericah78 said...

MSM has 40 issues for $40 which is also a great deal. This is even better! Tried the link though and it asks for a school or organization #. Is there any school in particular we should be looking for?

ericah78 said...

Actually just saw you can select the RD Partners/Sight Foundation as a charity to order from. They get 40% of your purchase.

Shelly said...

For those of you who are newer to coupons... All You is a magazine that has lots of great coupons. The number of coupons vary, but the quantity is similar to a typical coupon insert in the Sunday paper.

Definitely worth subscribing to at this price!!

ericah78 said...

Just ordered it today!