April 29, 2010

Farmland Meat Coupons

Farmland sells all sorts of meats in our area: bacon, sausage, ham, lunch meat, etc. They do put coupons out in the Sunday newspaper, but the best way to get great high value coupons from them is to join their mailing list. The newsletter comes via email but the coupons come to your mailbox. I signed up sometime last year and I have gotten several of their items free by combining a sale and the coupons they mailed me.

For example, their breakfast sausage goes on sale for $1 a few times a year and their are usually $1 off any sausage item coupons in the mailer. I think Walmart has the Farmland ground sausage chub for just above a $1 all the time as well.

To sign up go visit the Farmland website.

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