April 30, 2010

Why You Need a Reader

The question I get asked most often about saving money is: "How do you have time to do all this?" Well, there are lots of answers to that question, but the two most important reasons are this:

1) I don't really watch TV (I only watch one hour a week). I would much rather spend my "down" time online reading blogs or reading a book. (If you watch a lot of TV and say you don't have enough time to save money then you are "paying" for your choice.)

2) I use several tools to help me find deals and coupons faster.

I've already mentioned my favorite tool for getting lots of freebies with little time and effort. This post is about how to read lots of deal blogs quickly and efficiently. I can read about 20 blogs in the time it takes me to check my email. The key is I don't visit each blog/site individually. Instead, they come to me in the form of an RSS subscription in my reader.

Once you have a "reader" you just add all the sites you want to follow and then check the reader like you would your email. All the new posts show up as they are published and are saved there until you go to read them. You just have to scroll through them. No more going to a blog only to see it hasn't been updated. You just "set it and forget it". [Hey, I sound like an infomercial!] If you have an Gmail account you already have a reader, just look at the top of your Gmail page and you'll see:

Click on the word "Reader" between Documents and Web.

A reader really is a huge time saver! You can organize your reader any way you see fit. So if you are only in the mood to read friends blogs but want to skip the others you can do so easily. I subscribe to all sorts blogs, including several "money saving" and freebie blogs. Another great feature of a reader is the ability to search what you've read. If you want to look up an old post for some reason (ex: where was that Colgate coupon link?) then, in Google Reader anyway, you can just use the search function.

This is a great way to keep up with the deal blogs... just search the store you're looking for a deal at and all posts from all the sites you subscribe to will show up (sorted most recent first). This is how I make my CVS or Walgreens shopping lists.

I know may of you are fans (or "like") blogs and deal sites on Facebook to keep up with posts. This can work well for you if you are on Facebook all the time. But if you don't happen to see a post on your Facebook feed you could miss some really great deals. It is also difficult to go find old posts on Facebook. Plus, I'm sure you'll notice most blogs just link to their sites and you still have to go visit each site individually anyway. If you read a lot of deal blogs this can take a lot of time. Why not cut out the middle man and have the posts come to you.

I use Google Reader, but there are other "readers" available. They are easy to set up and easy to check. There really is no reason not to give it a try! There's no need for bookmarks or clicking on each site to check for new posts. An added benefit is you won't miss any posts, they stay there until you read them.

If you're skeptical, just give it a try... I think you'll be surprised!

Here is a YouTube video that explains it for you visual learners:

*This is an edited post from my personal blog.

April 29, 2010

Free Book from Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Progarm

Barnes and Noble has a great summer reading program. Children in grades 1 through 6 can earn a free book at Barnes and Noble.

Here's How It Works:
1. Download a passport or pick one up at any Barnes & Noble.
2. Read any eight books this summer and record them in the "passport".
3. Bring the completed "passport" to a Barnes & Noble store between May 25 and September 7, 2010.
4. Choose a FREE reading adventure from the book list featured on the back of the passport.

Farmland Meat Coupons

Farmland sells all sorts of meats in our area: bacon, sausage, ham, lunch meat, etc. They do put coupons out in the Sunday newspaper, but the best way to get great high value coupons from them is to join their mailing list. The newsletter comes via email but the coupons come to your mailbox. I signed up sometime last year and I have gotten several of their items free by combining a sale and the coupons they mailed me.

For example, their breakfast sausage goes on sale for $1 a few times a year and their are usually $1 off any sausage item coupons in the mailer. I think Walmart has the Farmland ground sausage chub for just above a $1 all the time as well.

To sign up go visit the Farmland website.

Home Depot Kids Workshop 5/1

The Home Depot Kids Workshop for May is the 1st. So head over to make a planter for Mother's Day! No registration required, just show up between 9am and noon. All Home Depot stores participate in the workshop. Participants are also given a little Home Depot apron just like the employees wear and a pin to show they completed the project.

April 28, 2010

Brown County Library Used Book Sale (plus coupon!)

Mark your calendar, the Brown County Library Used Book Sale will be open to the public Tuesday, May 4 through Saturday, May 8 from 9 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. at the Central Library in downtown Green Bay. Over 100,000 books sorted by category for more information on the book sale click here.

Check this out!! There is a printable coupon here for $1 off each $10 purchase valid Wednesday and Thursday.

If you are member a of Paperback Swap the last day bag sale is a great way to get a bunch of books to swap for very cheap! If you like books (or homeschool) I highly recommend joining Paperback Swap. You get two books shipped to you free when you sign up and get books just for the cost of shipping after that. For more information about Paperback Swap click here.

Piggly Wiggly Deals 4/28 thru 5/4

Larry's Piggly Wiggly (De Pere) is having a 1-day meat sale this Thursday, April 29th. Plus this week's ad has some special 4-day deals good only Thursday through Sunday. (See the comments for a full list of meat deals... nothing shocking... but a few good deals.)

Purchase any 10 of the following and save $5 instantly:
General Mills Cereal - Selected Varieties $2.49 - $1/3 (3/28 SS) or printables here
Fiber One 90 - Calorie, Nature Valley or General Mills Milk & Cereal Bars $2.49 - $.50/2 (4/18 SS)
Chex Mix, Bugles or Gardetto's Original Snacks $1.99 - $.50/2 Chex Mix (4/18 SS)
Fiber One or Chex Mix Bars $2.49 - $.50/1 or $.50/2 (4/18 SS)
Yoplait Go-Gurt 8-Count Package $2.49 - $.80/1 printable and $.40/1 printable or MC from 4/18 or 3/21 SS

Avocadoes $0.99 ea.
Cilantro (bunch) 2 for $1.00

Food Club Cottage Cheese 16-oz. Container $1.49
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 8-Count Package 3 for $5.00 -$.30/2 (3/28 SS or 3/7 SS)
Food Club Sour Cream 16-oz. $0.99

Roma Pizza 6 for $10.00

Skippy Peanut Butter $1.49
Van Camp's Pork & Beans 15-oz. Can $0.69 - MC from home mailer (if you got it)
Valu Time Canned Vegetables - Selected Varieties $0.49

Food Club Taco Seasoning Mix 2 for $0.79
Ortega Thick & Chunky Salsa $1.99 - $.75/2 (4/18 S)
Knorr or Lipton Rice or Pasta Sides $0.99
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts $1.99 - $1.25/3 (3/28 RP) or $.55/1 from tear pad on shelf (at DP store)
Keebler Cookies $1.99 - $.55/2 (3/7 or 4/18 RP)

Chicken Leg Quarters $0.49 lb. (Sold in 10-lb. Bags for $4.90)

Valu Time Bathroom Tissue 12-Count Package $3.99
Valu Time Paper Towels , 8-Roll Package $3.99

Exclusive Internet Store Coupons (w/ $10 purchase) this week:
  • Knorr/ Lipton Pasta or Rice sides $.49 (limit 1)
  • Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna $.49 (limit 1)
These are available here for Larry's PW and here for Olsen's PW. These are store coupons so they can be combined with manufacturer coupons. They can only be printed at home. These items are already on sale but these coupons just make at least two product an even better deal.

GB area Piggly Wiggly stores do NOT double coupons. They do accept internet printables (up to $2.50). Look for the FREE coupon machine (in the bakery area of the De Pere store) powered by Coupons.com for extra manufacturers coupons.

On Facebook, become a fan of Larry's Piggly Wiggly here (stores: De Pere, Kaukauna, Little Chute, and Manitowoc) and Olsen's Piggly Wiggly here (Howard).

Angel Food Ministries

Angel Food Ministries makes groceries available at about a 45% discount. There are no need based qualifications, it is open to anyone. Food is available once a month. They say that the signature box can "assist" in feeding a family of four for a week and it costs $30; four complete meals for a family of four is available for $35. In our area, Angel Food Ministries is available at CrossPoint Church (339 Main Ave.) in De Pere.

There are several different food "boxes" available depending on what you are looking for (ex: meals, meat, veggies, etc.) You can view the boxes available for May here. Debit/credit orders can be placed online. Cash/food stamp order must be placed in person. No checks are accepted.  Cash or Food Stamp orders may be placed on site only during designated ordering times (Wednesdays 11am-2pm and Sunday mornings from 9am-10am before the church service). For May, online debit/credit orders are due by May 13th at noon and cash/food stamp orders are due by May 9th at 10am.

The next distribution day is Saturday May 22nd from 2-4pm. If you order you MUST pick up your box during the designated time. Any boxes not picked up will be donated to a family in need and no refunds will be issued. Most of the food comes frozen so there is no way "hold" it for those who cannot pick up their items.

Contact:  CrossPoint Church – by phone (920)869.7000 or email for more information. More information on how to go about picking up your box can be found on the website here.

This was available several years ago in the town where I lived. I had heard great things about this ministry and looked into it. In the end I did not order anything from them, I figured I could get similar items for less by shopping carefully. You'll have to see what is available and do the math to see if it saves you any money. Looking at something like this is one reason it is helpful to know your prices.

Please share in the comments if you have any experience with Angel Food Ministries.

Source: Angel Food Ministries and H/T GBACH Daily Digest email

Shrinking Packages

When I got my $.99 Peter Pan peanut butter at Festival last night I noticed it wasn't an 18 oz. container. I did a little research and I haven't been paying attention for too long... peanut butter packages shrunk over a year ago! This week Piggly Wiggly has Skippy for $1.49 which isn't a great price and it's made worse by the fact that it is, again, the smaller 16.3 ounce jar.

Companies are trying to cut back and save money. I understand that. Instead of raising prices (which might affect customer loyalty) they lower package sizes and hope customers don't notice. What I don't agree with is the deceptive practices, like making the jar appear the same size while using an large indent in the bottom of the jar to reduce the amount inside. Did you ever notice the manufacturers are always more than happy to point out when a package has "33% more" or "25% more free" but no one points out that containers are now "15% smaller"?

Then manufacturers make up lame excuses for reducing the size. Tropicana says they decreased the size of their juice container so it "poured easier with less spillage and less gurgling." Kraft Foods said they downsized Chips Ahoy cookies to offset the cost of a new package that keeps cookies fresher longer. Well, frankly, I'm sure most people are more concerned about cost than gurgling or special packaging. But maybe I'm out of touch.

Downsized packaging might be a good reason to take a few minutes to send an email to a company and let them know you aren't happy about the change. Who knows what excuse they will give you for the decrease but along with their response you might get a couple coupons to make it worth your time. 

No matter what the reason for the decrease in size is, we as consumers have to continue to pay attention to prices, especially unit prices. Buying groceries is a game and it's two against one, us against the manufacturers and stores.

Have you notice any shrinking packages lately?

Quotes from Yahoo Finance

Free Breakfast from Subway

I shared this on the Facebook wall, but just in case you missed it.... from the press release:

Get a free SUBWAY English Muffin Melt on Friday, April 30! In honor of its healthy new breakfast menu, all SUBWAY Wisconsin restaurants will help you start the day right with an absolutely FREE, no purchase necessary, delicious English Muffin Melt. Long-time SUBWAY fans and new converts are welcome to try the yummy new breakfast sandwich at SUBWAY this Friday, April 30, from 7:00 – 11:00 a.m.

April 27, 2010

Interesting Link

Here is a link to a cool website that tells you how to get every type of stain out of clothing. These methods were research by the University of Illinois Extension. Just type in what kind stain you are dealing with and it will tell you how to best deal with it. Who knows... it might keep you from having to throw away a useful piece of clothing.

Copps Double Daze, 4/28

Did you get your Extreme Savings! Coupon Book in Sunday's paper? There are a few good deals in this book. I'll note these items on my list with "ES". I'm planning to do two transactions, as I have over 10 coupons I want to use this week.

Transaction #1:

  • B/S chicken breasts 3lb. family packs, 1.99/lb. (my stock up price for fresh, not frozen) = ~$6
  • grapes, 1.49/lb.
  • BC Fruit Snacks, Buy 4 get $4 off at checkout - (2) 0.50 off 2 IP (doubled) = 4/about $2.75
  • Red Gold tomatoes, $1 each - $1 off 3 catalina (doubled) = 3/$1
  • Krunchers chips, $2.99 - $1 MC (doubled) = $0.99
  • Hershey's Bliss $3.49 - $1 MC (doubled) = $1.49
  • TOTAL = about $13 after doubled coupons

Transaction #2:

  • broccoli, 0.88/lb.
  • Mott's applesauce, 0.87 w/ in ad coupon
  • Kemp's Fro-Zing!, $3 each - $1 MC (doubled) = $1
  • Ortega taco seasoning, 20% off - (2) $1 off 2 IP (doubled), $0.75 off 2 MC = 4-6 FREE plus overage
  • Kraft Mac n' Cheese, $0.68
  • Skippy PB, buy 2/$6 get free Sara Lee bread and Welch's grape jelly - $0.75 off 2 Skippy MC (doubled) = $4.50 for all
  • Motts' apple juice, 0.98 w/ ES
  • Barilla pasta, 0.48 w/ ES
  • Francesco Rinaldi sauce, 0.98 w/ ES - 0.30 off ToBe Healthy IP (if included in sale) = 0.68-0.98
  • Bar S franks, 0.58 w/ ES
  • 3 Kemp's Milk - Free milk coupon from last week - $1 off 2 (doubled) from ES book = 3/??
  • Fresh Express salad, 0.88 w/ ES
  • Eggs - Free coupon earned last week = FREE
  • TOTAL = about $12 after doubled coupons

Other Deals:

  • Kellogg's Cereal, Pop Tarts, Bars, Fruit Snacks, Keebler Cookies/Crackers; Buy 8 get $10 off at checkout plus a free milk coupon - various coupons (go HERE for an extensive list)
  • Yoplait Delights, 2/$4 - $1 IP = FREE if doubled

I've really fallen behind on posting my shopping results. The last two weeks have been SUPER busy. I did take pictures though, so maybe I'll post those w/ my totals. I will try to update w/ tomorrow's shopping trip as it looks to be a good one! Happy shopping!!

Save Yourself Some Time

If you love signing up for freebies but hate filling out all those little forms time and again, here is a helpful tip for you. I think I've mentioned this before but it's worth repeating. Your computer can help you fill out those forms a LOT faster. With one button click you can fill out the whole form!

If you have a PC you can install the free Roboform program to help you fill out those freebie information forms faster. If you use Firefox you can install an add-on called AutoFill that will fill out forms with the click of a button. You can even set it up to have different profiles (ex: one with your real email address and one for your junk email address).

Personally, I use the AutoFill add-on for Firefox and I love it! It takes me one click and about 2 seconds to fill out any form. I love getting the mail each day because I never know what freebies will show up. My mail carrier has even asked me how I manage to get all this stuff for free! Other people ask me how I "have time" to do all this... it doesn't take much time at all when you use helpful shortcuts! :)

April 26, 2010

JC Penney $10 off $10 Coupon (in the mail)

Keep an eye out in your mailbox for a little ad from JC Penney with a $10 off $10 purchase. (I got mine Saturday.) The pink coupon is tucked inside and says "In$tant Money". It is valid April 25 through May 9.

When you get a coupon like this I suggest you get just spend just above $10 then hand them the coupon plus a little cash and head out the door. (Unless there is something that you had already planned on buying anyway.) It's a great way to get a package of socks or underwear for your kids for close to nothing.

Ask your family and friends for their coupons if they don't plan to use them and then do several transactions!

Saving with Upromise

Upromise is a free service that rewards members with college savings just for doing what they normally do: shopping, eating out, filling the gas tank, taking trips, buying groceries and more.

There are several ways to earn money for your Upromise account.
  1. Shop online (similar to MyPoints, Ebates, etc.) There are over 700 online stores participating.
  2. Eat at certain restaurants and pay with a registered credit or debit card. There are over 8,000 restaurants participating.
  3. Register your store cards (Piggly Wiggly, Copps, CVS, etc.) and buy certain items. Over 22,000 stores participate.
  4. Invite family and friends to register their cards to your account. (Hey, Grandparents!)
They also have eCoupons that you can "load" to your account and if you buy that item you get the coupon amount deposited to your Upromise account. For example, there is currently (through 4/30) a $.50/1 No Yolks "coupon". Perhaps you bought these noodles recently at Copps or Festival*... maybe even got them free. Well, in addition to using the regular coupon you can also use this one and "earn" an additional $.50 for your account. It definitely can't hurt to go load all the coupons each month and if you buy any of those products it will just be extra money.

All the money you earn goes directly into your Upromise account. What can you do with the money in this account? You can accrue your savings over time, or choose to a) invest them in a 529 college savings plan for your children b) use them to pay down your student loans or c) receive a check for college expenses. You can use it for your children, yourself, or anyone. While they encourage you to invest this money in a 529 plan you do not have to do that. There is a form on their site that you can mail in to request a check.

I signed up a long time ago for a Upromise account and then never attached any cards. I only have about $10 in my account now but I got $2 of that for charging my son's birthday pizza on my newly linked credit card! I plan to take advantage of these eCoupons from now on. If you think it won't add up, go read about this women who set up her account and then forgot about it. She ended up with over $3,000!!!  

*Hey, wait a minute Festival doesn't have a loyalty card... so how can you get the money when you shop there? Festival has a special Upromise key tag. You can pick one up at the Customer Service desk and register it online. Then present your key tag for scanning during the check out process to earn cash back (your card must be scanned at the time of purchase). If you do participate be sure and get a Festival key card and also update your Copps card since the numbers changed when they updated.

Source: Upromise.com and FestFoods.com

April 25, 2010

Walgreens Deals 4/25 - 5/1

Stayfree Maxi Pads $2.99
-$3 RR
-$2/1 (3/28 RP) insert
OR $1/1 printable
= $2 or $1 MONEY MAKER (depending on which coupon you use)

Plackers Flossers $2
-$2 RR
- $.50/1 (4/18 RP)
=FREE or more than free

Greeting Cards for Kids $.49 each Buy 8 (for a total of $3.92)
-$5 RR
=More than free! (Make $1.08)

Skintimate $2.99
-$3 RR

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar $.99
-$1/1 (4/18 SS)

Clio Beautytrim Personal Hair Trimmer $4.99
-$4.99 RRs

Tone Body Wash for $3.99
-$3 RR
-$1/1 Tone printable (I couldn't get it to print... maybe you'll have better luck)

On the deals which require BOTH a manufacturers coupon and a weekly store coupon be sure to give the manufacturer's coupons first.

Scotch Packaging Tape $.99 (with weekly coupon)
-$1/1 printable coupon

Dove Deodorant $2.49 (with weekly coupon)
-$2/1 printable

Children’s Tylenol or Motrin $5.99
- $3 weekly store coupon
-$3/2 (2/21 RP) 
=$1.49 each

If you're new to shopping at Walgreens, you'll need to know:
RR= Register Rewards
RP= Red Plum, Sunday newspaper insert
SS= Smart Source, Sunday newspaper insert

CVS Deals 4/25 - 5/1

Some people are getting $5 off $40 coupons from the red box at CVS, if you get one and use it for some great deals, let us know what you got!

Pampers or Easy Ups $8.49
-$1 ECB
-$2/1 (RP 03/14/10)

Schick Quattro (Womens) $8.99
-$4/1 (SS 4/25)

Softsoap Body Wash or Irish Spring $2.99 (limit 2)
- $2 ECBs
-$1 from the latest Reinventing Beauty Magazine found at CVS. Sometimes you can find just the coupons laying around the store. Ask your store if they have any.
-$0.75/1 Softsoap Brand Nutri-Serums Body Wash
=Free to $.24

Fig Newtons $1 (small box)
- $1 printable from Facebook promo

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent BOGO
-$1/2 (4/11 SS) OR
-$1/2 printable
=depends on price (compare to Festival deal here)

Mennen Speed Stick deodorant $1.99
- $1/1 printable OR

Pantene 2/$5 buy 2
-$3/2 (3/7 P&G)
=$1 each

If you're new to shopping at CVS, you might want to read this and you'll need to know:
ECB= Extra Care Bucks
RP= Red Plum, Sunday newspaper insert
SS= Smart Source, Sunday newspaper insert

Festival Deals 4/25 - 5/1

These deals are NOT coupon items:
  • Banquet Family Size entrees $1.49 - $1.50 MC (April All You) plus a try me free rebate that makes it a money maker! If you don't have this coupon there was a $.75/1 off coupon in the 4/18 SS that would make this $.74 for a family size "dinner" (I'm bummed because I just sent the rebate last week after buying this at Walmart!)
  • Totino's Pizza Rolls $.99 -$.40/2 (4/18 SS)
  • Keebler cookies $1.88 - $.55/2 (3/7 and 4/19 RP)
  • El Monterey burritos or chimichanga $4/2 - $.55/1 (4/18 SS) There are $1/1 as well but I think they are only for the taquitos.
  • McCormick taco seasoning $2 for 3 - $1 (4/25 RP)= MORE THAN FREE or printable $.50/1 here which would make them $.17 each (you don't have to buy 3 they are basically just $.67 each
  • Creamette specialty pasta $1.98 for 2
  • Dole canned pineapple $.99 - $.55/2 (3/21 SS)
  • Post Pebbles cereal $2.28 - $1/2 (3/14 SS)
  • Pasta/Rice-a-roni $5 for 5 - $1/3 (1/3 RP)
  • Arm and Hammer laundry detergent $2.49 - $1/2 (4/11 SS)
  • Festival Brats $1.88 per pound
  • Indian Summer 64 oz. Apple Juice $.99
Festival store coupon (newspaper):
  • Peter Pan peanut butter $.99 (limit 1)
  • Bakery brat buns $.99 (limit 1)
  • Bar S franks $.69 (limit 2) - $1/2 printable here! =$.19 per pkg!
  • Corn (ears) $.29 each (limit 6)
Week Four... Special 4 Weeks of Saving Coupons (from newspaper):
  • Kitchen Kleen potatoes 5lb. bag $.78 (limit 2)
  • Oscar Mayer bologna or salami $.98 (limit 6) - $1/2 (3/7 SS)
  • Super Chill Water .5 liter bottles 24 pk. $1.98 (limit 1)
  • Homelife toilet paper 12 double rolls $3.98 (limit 1)
If you're new to shopping with coupons, you'll need to know:
RP= Red Plum, Sunday newspaper coupon insert
SS= Smart Source, Sunday newspaper coupon insert 
    Be sure to check the red interactive coupon box at the front of the store. Sometimes there are coupons available that match up with the weekly store coupons. (Even on the Flavorite brand!) Festival's blog said that this is one way to "double" your coupon savings.

    And... did you know you no longer have to cut out the Festival newspaper coupons? Just stop by the service desk and pick up one of the fliers that have the store coupons (not the green sheet, that's separate) on them or hand them the whole newspaper ad. The cashier just has to enter one code for all the coupons and you don't have to cut them out. It's a win-win time saver for you and the cashier!

    April 23, 2010

    GB Savers on Facebook

    I'm off to the Green Bay Area Mothers of Multiples HUGE rummage sale this weekend! Both to sell and to shop. Before I make myself scarce, I thought I'd let you know that I finally set up a Facebook page for Green Bay Savers.

    I have set all blog posts to appear on the Facebook wall. It's a great way to keep up with posts. Feel free to post any deals YOU find on the wall or start a discussion under the "discussion" tab. If you don't have a Facebook account you can still sign up to get a daily email (see box at left) or subscribe in a RSS reader (see link at right).

    Do me a favor and tell your friends about GB Savers Facebook page, "share" a post, or suggest they "like" GB Savers on Facebook. The more the merrier and the more eyes we'll have looking for deals in our area!

    Festival Natural Foods Deals

    From Festival's blog:

    Festival will now feature a new in-store Natural Foods ad. We call it the Orange Sheet and it will be placed near the entrance of each store beside our current Green Sheet. The new Orange Sheet will also feature Healthy and Beauty savings.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the first Orange Sheet starting on Sunday, April 25th. It’ll be available for a two-week period.

    And for more great ways to save, check out our Pink Tags located in the Natural Foods section and throughout the store. You’ll also find a handy Healthy Clippings coupon book for help you save your hard-earned money!

    It should be interesting to see if there are any good deals to be had with this new sheet. I hope they post these deals on their website as well. The green sheet deals can be found at FestFoods.com each week. If you know of anyone who says coupons are just for "processed foods" be sure to tell them about this and mention more and more organic/natural food manufacturers are coming out with coupons too!

    April 22, 2010

    April Diaper Deal

    Did you miss that Diapers.com deal a few weeks ago? Don't despair they are offering another deal for April. You can still receive $10 off your first order ($49 minimum order) when you enter the referral code GBSAVERS at checkout. But NOW through April 30th you will receive an additional $5 credit on your second order! All orders over $49 ship for free. There is a $10 rebate available too (see below). If you are a member of MyPoints or Ebates... start shopping there and earn money back that way as well.

    They offer all the big brands plus their own generic. Look around a little bit before you order, some brands offer e-coupons for additional savings. Or if you have any manufacturers coupons (any $3 Huggies printables left?) you can also mail them in for additional credits on your next order.

    I ordered diapers from this site last month and was very pleased. My order came super fast! There's nothing like having diapers delivered right to your door. What a great gift this would be for a new mom too! We had been getting our diapers at Sam's Club but decided to let our membership expire. When there are no deals to be had, this will be my source for diapers (prices are similar to those you'd find at the store or better)... only I won't get the $5 off my next order. Bummer.

    *There is still a rebate available for first time customers but it is now for $10 (or a free magazine subscription) and you have to spend at least $75. If you do take advantage of the rebate be sure and send in the paperwork as soon as possible. The magazine offer is the default and your subscription will start before you can even send in your form!

    Copps Extreme Savings Booklet

    Keep an eye out in this Sunday's paper for a little yellow and black Copps coupon booklet. Combining these store coupons with manufacturers should make for some good deals! The ad I saw said it would include $30 in savings.

    Home Made Simple Coupon Mailer

    Here is another link to the Home Made Simple mailer. Sign up again even if you did it earlier... more than one set of coupons often come in handy if you find a great deal! The more coupons the better!

    April 21, 2010

    Copps Double Double Coupon Day!

    I have been out of the swing of things in regards to Copps in recent months. Erica has been doing enough deals for the rest of us! But I just had to take advantage of the "double double" coupon day today!

    I did two transactions and doubled 19 coupons. Don't ask why I didn't double 20. Okay, go ahead. Because the math was killing me and I just couldn't think of anything else to get! :) As it was I had to get another cart just to keep things straight. Trying to make sure I had two orders over $25 and didn't split up the milk deals about did me in!

    One of my favorite Copps tricks, as you can see, is to pad my order with free items to help me reach the $25 with less out of pocket. I almost always save my free item coupons for Copps. You can get free item coupons from all sorts of places: Vocal Point, Kraft, and now Facebook.

    Here's what I got:

    Transaction #1
    • 2 Reynolds Foil @ $1.99 - 2 $1 IP doubled= 2 FREE
    • 6 General Mills cereals (@ $2.99 each) $17.94 - $10 discount- 3 $1/2 IPs doubled= $.32 per box plus a free gallon of milk and a dozen eggs
    • Riceland brown rice $1.25 -$.50 MC doubled= $.25
    • Oreo Peanut Butter cookies $3.19 - free item coupon= FREE
    • Ronzoni elbow pasta $1.59 - $1 MC (doubled only to $1.59)= FREE
    • Green Giant Just for One $3.59 - free item coupon= FREE
    • Scotties tissue $1 - $.50 MC doubled= FREE
    • Pears 2.5 lbs. $.99/lb = $2.40
    • 2 Trix Yogurt $4/2 - $.80 MC doubled= $1.20 each
    Total with tax=$7.11 plus got coupons worth $5 (milk & eggs) back

    Transaction #2
    • 3 Rice-a-Roni @ $1 each - $1/3 MC doubled= $.33 each
    • Kashi Granola $3.99 - free item coupon= FREE
    • Kashi crackers $3.29 - free item coupon= FREE
    • 2 Cascadian Farms granola @ $2.79 - 2 $1 IP doubled= $.79 each
    • 2 Wheat Thins @ $2.69 - 2 $1 MC doubled= $.69 each
    • 5 Mighty Dog @ $.68 - free item coupons= 5 FREE
    • 3 Glen Muir crushed tomatoes @ $1.69 - 2 $1 IPs= $.36 each
    • 2 Vitamin Water @ $1 - $1/2 MC doubled= 2 FREE
    • 5 String Cheese @ $1= $5
    • Philly Mini Cream Cheese $1.69 - $1 MC doubled= $.31 overage
    • 2 Trix Yogurt $4/2 - $.80 MC doubled= $1.20 each
    • - $.25 bag refund
    Total with tax=$12.38 plus got back a coupon worth $3.25 for organic milk

    Piggly Wiggly Deals 4/21 thru 4/27

    Lots of yogurt deals at Piggly Wiggly this week!

    GB area Piggly Wiggly stores do NOT double coupons. They do accept internet printables (up to $2.50). Look for the FREE coupon machine (in the bakery area of the De Pere store) powered by Coupons.com for extra manufacturers coupons.

    Yoplait yogurt $0.40 (must buy 10)
    Use $.40/6 from 3/21 and 4/18 SS or $.50/6 printable here
    or from the coupon box in the store (bakery area in DP)
    $0.35 each after coupon

    McCormick's Grill Mates Buy One Get One ($1.29)
    Use 2 $.50/1 from 4/18 RP
    $0.15 each after coupon

    Totino's Frozen Pizza Rolls $0.99
    Use $.40/2 from the 4/18 SS
    $0.79 each after coupon

    Rice-a-Roni or Pasta-Roni $1.00
    Use $1/3 from the 1/3 RP (and see store coupon note below)
    $0.67 each after coupons

    Yo-Plus yogurt $1.49
    Use $.50/1 from 3/21 and 4/18 SS
    or from the coupon box in the store (bakery area in DP)
    $0.99 each after coupon

    Yoplait Delights $2.49
    Use $1/1 printable here
    $1.49 each after coupon

    Yoplait Greek yogurt $.89
    Use $.30/1 from 3/28 SS or $.30/1 printable here
    $0.59 each after coupon

    Mr. Clean Eraser or Cleaning Spray $2.49
    Use $.75/1 from Home Made Simple mailer
    $1.74 each after coupon

    Trix Yogurt or Yoplait Kids Yogurt $1.99
    Use $.35/1 from 3/21 and 4/18 SS and $.80/2 printable here or here
    $1.59 each after coupon

    Yoplait 32 oz. Lowfat $1.99
    Use $.50/1 from 3/21 or 4/18 SS or $.55/1 printable here or here
    $1.44 each after coupon

    Right Guard Deodorant $2.49
    Use $1/1 printable here (if Total Defense is included)

    Other good deals:
    Food Club Liquid Bleach $.99
    Food Club Chunk or Shredded Cheese (16 oz) $2.99
    Milk $1.99 per gallon
    Reusable Piggly Wiggly Green Bags BOGO (2 f0r $.99)

    Two new PW store coupons available online only here for Larry's PW and here for Olsen's PW. This week the coupon is good for one $.49 Rice-a-Roni/Pasta Roni and one $.49 VO-5 Shampoo/Conditioner with $10 purchase. These are store coupons so they can be combined with manufacturer coupons. They expire the end of the sale week. They can only be printed at home. These items are already on sale but these coupons just make at least two product an even better deal.

    On Facebook, become a fan (or should I say "like") of Larry's Piggly Wiggly here (stores: De Pere, Kaukauna, Little Chute, and Manitowoc) and Olsen's Piggly Wiggly here (Howard).

    GBAMOM Rummage Sale

    Green Bay Mother's of Multiples
    Large Multi-Family Rummage Sale

    Open to the Public

    Saturday, April 24, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
    Resurrection Catholic Church School Gym
    (Corner of Libal and Hilltop in Allouez)

    Clothing: many brands, sorted by size,
    newborn to juniors plus maternity

    Toys: Little Tykes, Fisher Price, PlaySkool, etc.

    Equipment: cribs, toddler beds, bedding, pack-n-plays, strollers,
    swings, high, chairs, big outdoor/indoor toys, etc.

    For more information or to sign up for email reminders visit the GBAMOM website.

    April 20, 2010

    Copps Double Double Daze, 4/20

    Yes, it's true! Copps is allowing you to double 10 coupons per $25 order again. Double coupon day must be doing well for them. That's the third time in recent months that Copps has done this. I hope they keep it up!! Here are my planned deals for the week...

    • GM Cereal Deal: Buy 6 boxes at regular price, get $10 off at checkout plus coupons for free milk & eggs. Boxes average $3.75 each x6 = $22.50 - $10 = $12.50 - doubled IP coupons from coupons.com (various) = as low as 6/$3.50 or $0.58 per box. VERY good deal. Final price depends on which cereals and which coupons you choose.
    • Green Giant canned veggies, $0.48 each (limit 4)
    • Kemp's Milk, 2/$5 - $1 MC in ad (doubled) = 2/$3
    • Del Monte fruit chillers, $2.19 - $1 MC (doubled) = 0.19
    • Crystal Farms cheese slices, 2/$4 = $1 off 2 MC printed in previous ad (doubled) = 2/$2
    • Manwich, $1 each - $1 off 2 MC (may not double?) = 2 for FREE or 2$1
    • Roundy's fruit snacks, $1
    • Roundy's whipping cream, $1

    April 19, 2010

    Festival Deals 4/18 - 4/24

    Nothing too exciting at Festival this week.

    These deals are NOT coupon items:

    • Kellogg's cereal (family size) $1.99 - $1/3 in 4/11 RP or printables here
    • Bush's Baked beans 4/$5 - $1/2 in the 4/18 SS (Grillin style) and use together with -$.30/1 from the Red Coupon Machine at the front of the store!
    • Knorr side dishes $.89 (buy 10 get a free Rotisserie chicken-with green sheet coupon) -$.50/2 in 3/28 RP or $1/3 printables here
    • Red Gold ketchup $.88

    Festival store coupon (newspaper):
    • MG Chocolate milk $.98
    • Orv's $1.88 (limit 10)
    • Steamfresh vegetables $.98 - $.55/2 from the Red Coupon Machine at the front of the store (? maybe MC)
    • Kitchen Kleen potatoes $.18 per pound (limit 5 pounds)
    Week Three... Special 4 Weeks of Saving Coupons (from newspaper):
    • Dole Classic salad $.68 (limit 2)
    • Ragu $.98 (limit 1)
    • Flavorite cheese $.98 (limit 3)
    • Johnsonville brats 3lb. box $6.98 (limit 2)
    UPDATE! A few additional deals that Colleen found:
    • Swanson chicken broth $.67 each -$.40/4 MC plus the red box has $.35/1 combined this makes each can $.22
    • Nabisco/Club crackers $1.99 if you happened to grab a $2/2 from Copps you could get each box $.99
    • Poptarts (on East side) have peelies for $1/2, making the boxes $1.49
    Be sure to check the red interactive coupon box at the front of the store. Sometimes there are coupons available that match up with the weekly store coupons. (Even on the Flavorite brand!) Festival's blog said that this is one way to "double" your coupon savings.

    And... did you know you no longer have to cut out the Festival newspaper coupons? Just stop by the service desk and pick up one of the fliers that have the store coupons (not the green sheet, that's separate) on them or hand them the whole newspaper ad. The cashier just has to enter one code for all the coupons and you don't have to cut them out. It's a win-win time saver for you and the cashier!

    April 16, 2010

    Free Coupon Booklet

    Here is a link to the Home Made Simple coupon booklet that comes by mail.

    I highly recommend this one. It is full of P&G product coupons like Mr. Clean, Dawn, and Cascade. These coupons are often higher in value than those that come in the newspaper inserts. Paired with a sale these coupons can net you a great deal!

    Mega Swag Bucks Friday!

    It's Friday... which means it's Mega Swag Bucks day. If you search on Fridays there is a greater chance to earn MEGA Swag Bucks!!

    If you haven't already joined Swag Bucks... it's an easy way to "earn" gift cards and prizes by searching the internet!

    Learn more here.

    April 15, 2010

    Aldi Deal Alert!

    Shopping at Aldi is a great way to save some money. They don't have sales like other stores, but their prices are always very low. I also like the fact that their stores are so quick and easy to get through.

    Every so often, Aldi will mark items down to clear them out - most of the time they do this with produce.

    I stopped by this week for a few thing and found that they had baking cocoa marked down to .99 per can. Baking cocoa rarely goes on sale anywhere, so this is a great deal. I bought 6 cans so I am stocked up for a long while. They still had plenty left.

    Butter was also marked at $1.49 per pound.

    These prices were at the west side Aldi.

    Happy Shopping!

    Saving 101: Find Deals

    So you have collected a bunch of coupons and organized them. You've planned a budget and started paying attention to what you are paying. Now, where do you find the deals!?

    This is a time consuming step at first, but trust me it gets better. If you are reading this you know at least one place to find good deals! But there are many more. No one blog or site can cover every deal for every store. Some of the top-notch blogs (like Money Saving Mom) are great for national stores like CVS, Walgreens, Wal-mart, Target, etc. But for grocery deals, smaller blogs come in handy. The big bloggers have never even heard of small regional stores like Festival!

    I suggest you find two or three blogs that have list deals for stores in your area and read them daily. As you read, don't feel like you have to participate in every single deal listed. Sometimes, especially when you are first starting out, it's good to just see what deals come up. Most deals go in cycles so if you miss something this time you can catch it next time around, but as you read you are learning to spot deals and put product sales together with their coupons.

    You have lots of options when it comes to following deal blogs and sites. You can bookmark your favorites. You can subscribe via email or feed reader, and now most sites also have a Facebook page where they link to their posts. Find the easiest and most convenient way for you. I, personally, use Google Reader. It brings all the posts to me and I can organize and search for deals easily. When I am making a shopping list I can look at all the deal sites on one page!

    So here are a few suggestions for you as far as what sites to check for certain stores, but you don't have to take my word for it! Just Google any store name with the word "deals" and see what pops up. Or head over to Money Saving Moms store deals page and follow the links back to their original posters.

    As you can see I highly recommend Money Saving Mom and Common Sense with Money. Almost ALL national deals work there way to these two sites. They have huge numbers of readers and when someone finds a deal it gets passed along. Speaking of that, if you find a great deal or freebie be sure to share it!

    April 14, 2010

    Piggly Wiggly Deals 4/14 thru 4/20

    Welcome, if you came over from Money Saving Mom! These PW deals are for Wisconsin area stores only.

    Oral B Indicator
    Use $2/2 from the 4/4 P&G insert
    FREE after coupons when you buy 2

    Oscar Mayer Ready to Serve Bacon $3.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
    Use 3 $.75/1 coupons from 3/21 SmartSource insert
    $.58 per package after coupons when you buy 3

    General Mills Cereal $1.99
    Use $1/2 or $.55/1 coupon(s) from here
    buy 3 get a free gallon of milk coupon on next visit
    $1.44 per box after coupon plus free gallon of milk

    El Monterey Taquitos $2.29
    Use $1/1 coupon from the 3/7 RedPlum insert
    $1.29 after coupon

    M&M and Mars candy bars 2/$1
    Use Buy 2 Get 1 coupon from 3/7 RedPlum insert
    $.33 each after coupon when you buy 3

    Crab Classic $1.79
    Use $1/1 Crab Classic or Lobster Classic, any
    $0.79 each after coupon

    Oreo cookies 2/$5 plus get free gallon of milk
    Use $1/2 Chips Ahoy or Oreo Cookies or (that BOGO Facebook coupon if you still have it)
    $2.50 (or less) for 2 packs of Oreo Cookies plus a gallon of milk

    Other good deals:

    • Boneless, skinless chicken 3 lb. bag $4.99 ($1.66 per pound)
    • Grapes $.99/lb
    • Nabisco Cookies 2/$5 buy 2 get free gallon of milk NOW
    • Food Club Apple Juice (64 oz bottles) $.99
    • Eggs $.99
    • Kraft Mac Original 5 box package $2.99
    GB area Piggly Wiggly stores do NOT double coupons. They do accept internet printables (up to $2.50). Look for the free coupon machine in the bakery area of the De Pere store (powered by Coupons.com) for extra manufacturers coupons.

    Counterfeit Coupons

    Common Sense with Money has an informative post here about some fraudulent coupons that are going around right now.

    The store will NOT get reimbursed for these coupons. This results in a loss to the store from accepting fake printable coupons which makes the store less willing to take printable coupons in the future.

    Risking stores not taking internet coupons in the future isn't worth a free product! If you are ever curious if a coupon is legit check the list of know counterfeits at the CIC website.

    April 13, 2010

    Free 7-Up at Festival

    If you printed those $1 off 7-Up coupons that were going around last week you can get some free 7-Up at Festival. Combine the $1 printable MC with a Festival store coupon that came in today's Valpak for a 6 pack of .5 liter bottles for $.99 (with additional $5 purchase). The store coupon is good through May 15th.

    Gold n Plump Chicken Deal at Festival

    This deal is good enough I thought it deserved it's own post!

    Gold n Plump chicken is on sale this week at Festival. Spend $25 save $10 with a Festival store coupon from the ad. This works out to be approx. $.86 per lb.

    But there are $.75 MC HERE (print limit 2) that will get you another $1.50 off and Wendy found another $1 off MC x2 HERE (print limit 2) that will get you an additional $2 off for a final price of approx. $.66 per pound! That's over 17 pounds of chicken for $11.50! Hope you have room in your freezer!!

    April 12, 2010

    Copps Double Daze, 4/14

    A few good deals this week. You can get some free pasta, and lots of decent BOGO items. If I've done the math right, I should be able to get everything on my list for about $27 after coupons. Happy Shopping!

    • Chicken breasts, 0.99/lb, limit 2
    • Strawberries, 2/$4
    • Edy's ice cream, BOGO 4.59
    • Ronzoni Smart Taste, $1 -$0.75 IP (doubled) = FREE plus $0.50 overage x 2
    • Dreamfields pasta, 2/$3.50 - (2) $1 IP (doubled) = FREE plus $0.50 overage
    • Ore-Ida hashbrowns, $2.50 - $1 MC (doubled) = $0.50
    • Spinach, BOGO 2.99
    • Mushrooms, BOGO 1.50
    • Ground Turkey, BOGO 2.99
    • Creamette pasta, BOGO 1.49
    • Olive Oil, BOGO 6.99
    • GoGurt, BOGO 2.99 - $1.10 IP = 2/1.89 ($1.10 Simply GoGurt no longer available, get $1 IP here)

    Kwik Trip Deals

    Here are a few deals from Kwik Trip (from Jill R. via email):

    1/2 gal bags (you can get a free pitcher with purchase) of Whole milk is 1.19= 1 gal 2.38. This is the cheapest I have seen whole milk (sometimes Aldi's has it for 2.39) Also, you can get a punch card 20-1/2 gal of milk (or orange juice) gets you $1 off. I did not check other % of milk to see if it is cheaper.

    Banana's .38/lb everyday. This is even cheaper than Aldi's .39/lb everyday.


    MyPoints is a rewards program that gives you points for reading e-mails, shopping, taking surveys, and various other activities. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a gift cards. To join, just visit MyPoints.com and complete the registration process. Membership is free.

    Ways to Earn Points:
    • Sign up for BonusMail and earn 5 points per emailed clicked.
    • Shop Online. Access shopping websites through MyPoints.
    • Survey Mail. Usually 10 points if you don't qualify and more if you do.
    • Print coupons. 10 points per coupon used plus 25 points if you use five or more.
    • MyPoints search toolbar. Earn points each time you do a web search.
    • Refer friends.
    • Double points days, instant win games, and other promotions.
    Redeeming Your Points:

    Under the "rewards" you can view all the available gift cards. When you have enough points for your a reward, click on it and fill out your shipping information. You will receive your gift card in the mail in two to six weeks.

    Use MyPoints to Save Money:
    Free gift cards are a great deal, but you can make them an even better deal. Use your MyPoints earnings to:
    • get CVS and Walgreens gift cards (I haven't paid anything out of pocket at CVS since March 2008 thanks to gift cards!)
    • give gift cards as gifts
    • lower everyday expenses like gas
    • give yourself a guilt free treat
    • lower the cost of a date night
    Some stores that offer MyPoints gift cards include: Target, Wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Kohl's, Shell, and lots more!

    You can sign up my going directly to the website but if you are interested in joining please consider sending Shelly, Theresa, or Erica an email and so we can refer you! That would help us get a few extra points towards our next gift card!! :)

    CVS Deals 4/11 - 4/17

    Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $4.49
    -$4.49 ECBs
    -$1.50 MC (3/28 RP)
    =MAKE $1.50

    Schick Hydro $8.97
    -$6 ECBs
    -$3 MC (3/21 SS)

    Dial Nutriskin
    -$4.50 ECBs
    -$1 printable here

    Colgate Pro Clinical $3.99
    -$2 ECBs
    -$1 MC (4/11 SS)

    April 11, 2010

    Walgreens Deals 4/11 - 4/12

    Kotex U $3.49 (month long deal)
    -$2.50 RRs
    - $1/1 printable or $1 April All You or $1 off any Kotex coupon

    Schick Hydro Shave Gel
    -$2.99 RRs

    Sudafed Products $4.99 (buy 2)
    -$5/2 MC (4/11 RP)
    - $5RR when you buy 2
    =both FREE

    Carefree liners
    $.99 (buy 2) with weekly store coupon
    -BOGO MC (3/28 RP)
    =$.49 each

    Dentyne Gum $1 (buy 2)
    -$1/2 MC (2/28 SS)
    =$0.50 each

    Ban Deodorant $.99 with weekly store coupon
    -$0.40 MC (3/7 SS)

    Snuggle $3.99
    -$3 MC (3/28 RP)

    Schick Quattro disposable razors $5.99
    -$1 Register Rewards
    -$4 MC (3/21 SS)

    Colgate Pro Clinical $3.99
    -$2 RRs
    -$1 printable

    Velveeta Shells Cups at $1 (buy 4)
    -$1.50 RRs
    - 2 BOGO printables here
    =$0.50 after coupons and Register Rewards

    Festival Deals 4/11 - 4/17

    These deals are NOT coupon items:
    • Pringles $.88 -$1/4 MC (3/7 or 4/4 P&G)
    • Old Orchard Juice Blends $.98
    • Roma pizza $1.68
    • Dutch Farms sour cream $.88
    • Go-gurt 2/$4 -$1/2 MC (2/21 SS)
    • Flavorite Mustard $.97
    • No Yolks Noodles $1.29 -BOGO MC (2/21 SS)= $.65 each
    Special Coupon Deal:
    • Quaker (cereal, granola bars, etc.) $5/9 with in ad $3 MC coupon=$1.20 each
    Festival store coupon (newspaper):
    • John Morrell franks $.68 (limit 1)
    • Sweet Baby RaysBBQ sauce $.88 (limit 1)
    • Kemp's ice cream $.98 (limit 1)
    • Gold n Plump chicken spend $25 save $10 (works out to be approx. $.86/lb) -$.75 MC x2 from HERE that will get you another $1.50 off (for about $.77/lb) UPDATE: Wendy found another $1 off MC x2 HERE (final price of approx. $.66/lb)
    Week Two... Special 4 Weeks of Saving Coupons (from newspaper):
    • Eggs $.68 (limit 1)
    • Flavorite Ketchup $.68 (limit 1)
    • Flavorite butter $.98 (limit 1)
    • Oscar Mayer wieners 48 oz. box $3.98 (limit 2)
    • Homelife paper towels 8 pk $3.98 (limit 1)

    Be sure to check the red interactive coupon box at the front of the store. Sometimes there are coupons available that match up with the weekly store coupons. (Even on the Flavorite brand!) Festival's blog said that this is one way to "double" your coupon savings.

    And... did you know you no longer have to cut out the Festival newspaper coupons? Just stop by the service desk and pick up one of the fliers that have the store coupons (not the green sheet, that's separate) on them or hand them the whole newspaper ad. The cashier just has to enter one code for all the coupons and you don't have to cut them out. It's a win-win time saver for you and the cashier!

    April 10, 2010

    CVS and Walgreens Trip 4/9

    I feel bad posting my trips when the deals are over but I usually go deal shopping on Friday nights. If you are just learning it might be helpful to see examples. I made at least one mistake that you can learn from! Here's what I got:
    1 Colgate Total $2.99 -$1 Colgate MC (All You)- $2 ECB= FREE
    1 Skintimate Shaving Cream $3.99 -$3=$.99
    3 Pantene Nature Fusion $2.99 -$2 x 3 Pantene MC from a Vocalpoint mailer -$3ECB=FREE
    3 Stride gum $.99 -$.99 from Buy 2 Get 1 free Stride coupon -$.99 ECB=$.99 for 3

    -$.50 ECB--first quarter ECB... I love it when they are so low!
    -$9.99 in ECBs
    FINAL TOTAL=$1.45 including tax PLUS I got $8.99 in ECBs back

    1 Cottonelle 12 pk toilet paper $5 -$1 Wags Apr Coupon -$1 MC= $3
    1 Kotex U tampons $3.49 -$1 MC (should have been free -$2.50RR--see below)
    4 Velveeta cups $1 each -BOGO x2 and $1.50RR= $.50 for 4
    6 Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, hairspray $20 - $1 MC x4 and $10RR=$1 each
    3 Kraft Mac and Cheese $.69 each (with weekly store coupon)
    1 Dawn $.99 (with weekly store coupon) -$.50 MC=$.49
    3 Pilot gel pens/highlighters $1.19 each -$1 Wags Apr Coupon x3=$.19 each
    plus will get a $4.50 rebate from back of package
    4 Lindsay olives $.99 each (with weekly store coupon) -$1/2 MC x2= $.49 each
    4 Mars candy bars $.39 (with weekly store coupon) - Buy 2 Get 1 Free=$.22 each (see below*)
    FINAL TOTAL= $12.53 and I got back $11.5o in RRs plus the $4.50 rebate

    *I just wanted to point something out. At Walgreens (and some other stores) the order in which you give the cashier your coupons makes a difference. At Walgreens give them in the following order:
    1st Manufacturer coupons
    2nd Walgreens weekly then monthly
    3rd Register Rewards

    For the candy bar B2G1 coupon this worked in my favor. By giving the B2G1 coupon first it took the regular price off for the "fill in the blank" amount ($.69 off in this case) even though with the Walgreens weekly coupon the price was actually only 39 cents.

    I paid a "stupid tax" on this transaction by breaking a critical Walgreens rule. I used a RR from the Kotex U deal I did last week to pay again when I bought a second package this week. When you do this the "new" RR doesn't print out. So I lost a $2.50 RR. Ugh. Learn from my mistake and don't roll RRs on the same deal!

    I could have lowered my OOP (out of pocket) costs by doing more than one transaction but 1) I'm lazy, 2) trying to do all that math hurts my brain, and 3) I already feel like I'm pushing my luck most times at Walgreens. :)

    April 9, 2010

    My Points Daily Spin and Win

    If you have a MyPoints account be sure to head over to the site everyday and play the daily "Spin and Win" game. It's an easy way to win a few extra points. I've won 50 points twice now and 5 points many times.

    Look for the Daily Spin 'N' Win tab:

    If you aren't familiar with MyPoints, it is a rewards program that gives you points for reading e-mails, shopping, taking surveys, and various other activities. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a gift card of your choice (CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Wal-mart, Target, and many more!).

    If you are interested in joining send Shelly, Theresa, or Erica an email and we'll refer you!

    April 8, 2010

    Subscribe via Email

    Don't miss another deal! If you don't want to miss a money saving post take a minute and subscribe to GB Savers via email by putting your email address in the box to the left.

    Don't worry, you won't be flooded with emails. You will only receive one email on the days that there are new posts. No new posts means no emails! If you already subscribe... THANKS... tell a friend!

    Saving 101: Budgeting and Knowing Prices

    It's all in the numbers! How will you know you are saving if you don't know what you normally spend? How will you know you found a good deal if you don't know what you normally pay?

    Keep Track
    The first step is keeping track. Figure out what you are spending on groceries right now. You can keep receipts or make a spreadsheet. Simple or complex... it's up to you, but keep track of what you are spending.

    Oh, no! Not the "b" word! Once you've keep track of your spending for long enough you should set a goal of what you want to be spending. No one can tell you what to budget. Every family is different. You may have a large family or children with food allergies. You may only eat organic while others must have gourmet ingredients for special dishes.

    The bottom line: Know what you are spending and then set a new goal. Have you been spending $200 a week? Set a goal to try and spend only $150 and see if you can do it. Keep lowering your budgeted amount as you learn new saving strategies.

    Know Your Prices
    Some savvy shoppers like to keep a price book. If you are forgetful or just getting started I recommend you give this a try. If you are more experienced or have a great memory you might be able to get by just remembering.

    If the goal is to always buy items at the lowest price you need some measure of what "low" really is. I have listed some of my personal best prices in the "stock up" tab above.

    I organize my coupons in envelopes. So instead of a price book, I occasionally write down prices on my coupon envelopes. That way I can confirm a good price if I see a deal somewhere. When I know it's a great deal then I stock up.

    Even if you start out with a price book you may eventually not need it anymore. As you shop deals more often you will start to get a feel for good deals and know when to take advantage of them.

    Here are some links about price books:
    The Dollar Stretcher
    Blogging Away Debt
    Get Rich Slowly
    No Credit Needed

    April 7, 2010

    Free Snuggle at Family Dollar

    A couple weeks ago in the Sunday newspaper, there was a $3 off 1 Snuggle coupon. Family Dollar sells them for regular price of $3, so you can get it for free.

    Sara Lee Outlet Store

    I don't know how many of you buy Sara Lee bread, but if you do and even if you don't. You can get a loaf of bread of 99 cents, sometimes even cheaper. Sara Lee Outlet is located on Military Street in between Bond Street and Velp Street. What's even better is that often times they will have managers specials which are usually buy 1 get 1 free. They also have hot dog and hamburger buns for 50 cents as well. Today, I bought 4 loafs of bread for $1.98.

    Conagra Rebate in Combo w/ PW Sale

    There is a new Conagra "rebate" available:

    This is not for cash back. Instead you get $25 in coupons for Conagra brands when you buy $10 in Conagra products. This rebate form is from the All You website.

    Conagra items included in the PW sale are:
    Banquet dinners
    Snack Pack Pudding

    A full list of Conagra products can be found on their website here or on the rebate form. Since these items are listed as part of the $1 sale, it should be fairly easy to spend $10.

    April 6, 2010

    Copps Double Daze 4/7

    Hi, all! It's late, so here's a link to my quickly typed up list for tomorrow. Happy shopping!

    Piggly Wiggly Deals 4/7 thru 4/13

    Big sale at PW this week! Buy ten $1 items get the 11th free. That means each item will be about $.91 and with coupons even less!

    All the items below are $1:
    Potatoes (5 lb. bag)
    OM Lunchables $1/1 in 3/21 SS
    Starkist Tuna (pouch or bag) $1/2 pouches in 2/14 RP
    Henri's Salad Dressing
    Del Monte Fruit Naturals $1/3 printable here
    Butterball Turkey bacon
    BC Hamburger Helper $.75/3 in 3/7 SS or printable here
    Hunt's Pasta sauce
    Creamette Pasta (select varieties)
    PF Goldfish crackers
    Banquet frozen dinners $1/4 any Conagra from 3/14 SS
    FC snack/sandwich recloseable bags
    Gulden's Spicy Brown mustard
    Rotel $1/3 from Conagra home mailer
    Red Gold canned tomatoes $1/3 in 2/28 and 2/7 SS
    Ibuprofen 200ct.
    Arm and Hammer Dryer sheets (40 ct) $1/2 printable here (might not work)
    Cotton Swabs

    Also on sale:
    Pork roast $1.49 per lb.
    Ground beef $1.89 per lb.
    Grapes $1.49/lb
    Blue Bonnet margarine quarters $.79
    Orv's frozen pizza 5/$10
    Suave shampoo and condition $.89 $1/2 in 3/14 SS

    With a $10 purchase and coupon you can get a gallon of MILK for $.99

    To see the full ad click here.

    Why do you eat out? (Poll)

    Eating out is a big budget buster. Just for fun, I put up a poll (to the left) asking what your top reasons are for eating out. Take a second to answer. When the poll ends I hope to get up a few posts to address the reasons people choose.

    Freezing Foods

    When you find a good deal on food, meat especially, lots of us stock up and throw the surplus in the freezer. I was asked a few questions about if this is safe, so I did a little research. The following information is directly from the USDA website.

    Is this safe?
    Food stored constantly at 0 °F will always be safe. Freezing preserves food for extended periods because it prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and foodborne illness.

    What can you freeze?
    You can freeze almost any food. However, being able to freeze food and being pleased with the quality after defrosting are two different things. Some foods simply don't freeze well. Examples are mayonnaise, cream sauce and lettuce. Raw meat and poultry maintain their quality longer than their cooked counterparts because moisture is lost during cooking.

    Can you refreeze? (This one's for you, Jill!)
    Once food is thawed in the refrigerator, it is safe to refreeze it without cooking
    , although there may be a loss of quality due to the moisture lost through defrosting. After cooking raw foods which were previously frozen, it is safe to freeze the cooked foods. If previously cooked foods are thawed in the refrigerator, you may refreeze the unused portion. If you purchase previously frozen meat, poultry or fish at a retail store, you can refreeze if it has been handled properly.

    What if my freezer loses power?
    If food is partly frozen, still has ice crystals, or is as cold as if it were in a refrigerator (40 °F), it is safe to refreeze or use. It's not necessary to cook raw foods before refreezing. Discard foods that have been warmer than 40 °F for more than 2 hours. Discard any foods that have been contaminated by raw meat juices.

    How long will it last?
    Freezer storage is for quality only. Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.

    Stand Alone Freezers are better for long term storage:
    Use a free-standing freezer set at 0° F or below for long-term storage of frozen foods [a refrigerator freeze may not be able to maintain a constant temp if the door is opened frequently]. Keep a thermometer in your freezing compartment or freezer to check the temperature. This is important if you experience power-out or mechanical problems. [There are freezer alarms available that beep to let you know your freezer has dropped below a certain temperature, like if the door is accidentally left open.]

    Source: USDA Freezing and Food Safety Fact Sheet

    Money Saving Recipe: Baking ("Bisquick") Mix

    This baking mix can be using in any recipe that calls for Bisquick (pancakes, biscuits, Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay biscuits, etc.) My family likes the Impossibly Easy Pies for quick and easy weeknight dinners.

    Baking Mix

    6 cups flour
    3 T. baking powder
    1 T. salt
    1 cup shortening

    Mix all ingredients together in a mixer (if you have one).
    If not, sift the dry ingredients and then cut in shortening
    until fine crumbs. Store in an air tight
    container in the fridge or freezer for up to 6 months.

    Do you have any make-it-yourself money saving recipes? Please share them!

    April 5, 2010

    Walgreens Deals 4/4 - 4/10

    Garnier Fructis 3 for $10
    -$1 printable here and $1 (RP 3/7)
    -$10 RR
    =$.67 each

    Dawn $.99 (with weekly store coupon)
    -$0.50 (P&G 4/4)

    Lindsay Olives $.99 (with weekly store coupon)
    Buy 2 and use $1/2 printable
    =$.49 each

    Kotex U $3.49
    -$2.50 RRs
    - $1/1 printable or $1 April All You or $1 off any Kotex coupon

    Oral B Toothbrushes $3
    -$3 RR when you buy 3
    -$2 (P&G 4/4) x3

    Velveeta Sheels cups $1
    -BOGO printable coupon x2
    -$1.50 RR
    =$.50 for 4

    Pilot Erasable Frixion Pen $1.19
    -$1 Walgreens coupon (April coupon booklet)
    =$.19 but keep your eye out--possible rebate on package could mean a money maker!

    For even more deals head over to MoneySavingMom.

    CVS Deals

    Stopped at CVS tonight. There are some good deals this week, especially if you have the right coupons! Here's what I picked up...

    • Pantene is on sale $2.99, get $1 ECB (limit 3). If you got the full size sample of Pantene NatureFusion from Vocalpoint that came w/ three $2 off coupons, this is a great deal! I picked up a conditioner to go w/ my free shampoo sample, plus another bottle of shampoo and conditioner. All three FREE after ECB's. If you didn't get the Vocalpoint goodies, there was a $3 off any 2 MC from P&G, which would make it $0.98 for two bottles after ECB's.
    • CVS Cetirizine (generic Zyrtec) is on sale for $12.99, get $5 ECB's. Great deal if you have allergies like me!
    • Tampax Pearl is $7.99 for 36ct., get $2 ECB's. Use $2 MC from P&G plus the Buy one 36 ct. get 18 ct. free MC from P&G, you get 54 for $3.99 after ECB's.

    All You Magazine for $20 for 24 issues

    I just found this site that has the All You Magazine for $0.83 per issue. Normally in the stores, they sell for over $2 per issue. Sometimes you can subscribe for $1.67 an issue.

    If you aren't familiar with this magazine, I would suggest you check it out. Every issues has at least $20 worth of coupons, most times over $30 in it for products you use. Also, many of them will have coupons for a free item.

    This is also great magazine to read for its recipes, money saving tips, etc.

    This is a fundraiser for a school, but here is the link.

    Menard's Freebies

    Here is a list of Menard's Freebies for this week via Minnesota Coupon Adventure. For more information on getting freebies and doing rebates for Menards visit Coupons in Our Hands.

    April 4, 2010

    Walgreens Trip

    I did two small Walgreens transactions last week. There were a few things I didn't get; They were either out (Campbell's), I didn't have right coupon (Just for Men), or I didn't need it (Dentek).

    Transaction #1
    Dove Hairspray $4
    Betty Crocker Frosting $1 x2
    Walgreens Multi-vitamin 100 ct. $3

    -$.50 BC frosting x2
    -$1.50 Dove
    - $5 RR from previous purchase
    =$1.89 and got back $7 in RRs ($3RR vitamins and $4RR Dove)

    Transaction #2
    Walgreens Multi-vitamin 100 ct. $3
    Walgreens foil $.59 (after store coupon) x3
    Kotex U Pads $3.49
    Reeses Dark PB Cups $.39 (after store coupon) x3
    Ducolax $10
    Betty Crocker Warm Delight Brownie Bowl $1

    -$.55 Reeses x3
    -$4 Ducolax
    -$.75 BC Warm Delight
    -$1 Kotex
    -$4 RR from 1st transaction
    =$10.09 plus $15.50 in RRs ($10RR Ducolax, $2.50RR Kotex, $3RR Vitamins)

    I spent $11.98 out of pocket earned $22.50 in RRs (I have $18.50RRs left). The big "money makers" were the Ducolax ($4) and the Dove hairspray ($1.50).

    In case you are wondering why I didn't use the $3RR from the first transaction on the second one, I wanted to get more vitamins and if I would have used that RR then the new one would not print. With a couple exceptions you cannot roll RRs on the same deal.

    Festival Deals 4/4 - 4/10

    Not many deals at Festival this week.

    These deals are NOT coupon items:

    • Shoppers Value canned vegetables 3/$.99
    • Cantaloupe $1.88
    • Hot Pockets $1.48

    Festival store coupon (newspaper):
    • Shoppers Value Frozen Pops $.88 (limit 1)
    • Homelife Napkins $.88 (limit 1)
    • Village Hearth Bread $.98 (limit 1)
    Week One... Special 4 Weeks of Saving Coupons (from newspaper):
    • Milk, gallon $.98 (limit 1)
    • Xtra Laundry detergent $1.68 (limit 1)
    • Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner $1.98 (limit 2) -$1 MC from P&G=$.98 each
    • 4 lb. bag oranges $1.98

    Be sure to check the red interactive coupon box at the front of the store. Sometimes there are coupons available that match up with the weekly store coupons. (Even on the Flavorite brand!) Festival's blog said that this is one way to "double" your coupon savings.

    And... did you know you no longer have to cut out the Festival newspaper coupons? Just stop by the service desk and pick up one of the fliers that have the store coupons (not the green sheet, that's separate) on them or hand them the whole newspaper ad. The cashier just has to enter one code for all the coupons and you don't have to cut them out. It's a win-win time saver for you and the cashier!

    April 1, 2010

    No More Rebates in Wisconsin?

    Time to contact your State Senators everyone!! A bill (# 560) has been introduced into the state legislature that could affect our ability to get some rebates. Act now!! This bill was supposed to be voted on yesterday but the voting was delayed.

    While the bill does not prohibit rebates directly, it may cause problems. The bill says:
    It is deceptive advertising to advertise the price of retail merchandise as reduced by an available rebate of a portion of the purchase price of the merchandise unless the rebate is provided to the purchaser of the merchandise at the time of purchase.
    State Senator John Lehman's site says the following:

    ... the FAIR Act does not prohibit rebates. The bill instead would require that if the advertised price includes a rebate, that rebate would have to be provided on the spot at the time of purchase. In addition, the bill would have no impact on coupons as the savings are provided at the point of sale.

    “Consumers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or wait months for rebates to get the advertised price for goods and services. People should be able to get the products they want or need for the price they are advertised at the point of purchase,” concluded Lehman.

    While this sounds like a good idea it would basically amount to the residents of Wisconsin not being offered these money saving rebates. Rather than offering a lower "on the spot" price we would end up paying more.

    We cannot expect stores to give us the money that companies want to refund us for purchasing their products. Wisconsin would just be listed as an exclusion in the fine print at the bottom of the rebate forms.

    Thankfully, most of the products we buy are NOT advertised at a lower (after rebate) price and are therefore excluded. One exception would be products at CVS and Walgreens that are listed in the ads at a lower price once you factor in RRs or ECBs. However, since RRs and ECBs are issued on the spot they should not be affected.

    Rebates that ARE affected would include deals like those on electronics (in store or from catalogs), office supplies (Max Perks), Menards (FIR items) and deals like those nearly free after rebate games at Toys R Us last year.

    I understand our state senators are trying to "help" people buy saving them the step of filling out the rebate form and waiting for their money but no one is forcing anyone to participate in these rebate programs. Consumers who don't want to go through the trouble and waiting process shouldn't buy items that have rebates.

    Take a minute and contact your state senator. Don't know who your state senator is? Click here and put in your address!

    You can also call the Committee Members:

    Senator Robert Wirch, D-Kenosha, chairman (608) 267-8979
    Senator Jeff Plale, D-South Milwaukee (608) 266-7505
    Senator Jim Holperin, D-Conover (608) 266-2509
    Senator Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac (608) 266-5300
    Senator Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin (608) 266-5400
    Senator John Lehman, D-Racine, lead author (608) 266-1832 (author of this bill)

    If you would like to read more here are a few links for you:
    Are we to dumb to read in Wisconsin?
    Wisconsin Radio Network
    Wisconsin Business Voice

    Common Sense with Money